What they say about us

“I enjoyed the services provided by Materica d_sign when it came to renovate an apartment I had just bought. I immediately appreciated the timeliness of the service and the informal, though very professional, personal approach. The architectonic visualization performed was extremely precise and realistic and it was indeed very helpful in order to foresee the possible outcome of different alternatives. As a result of the service, I could chose much more consciously and easily the best option for my needs and taste. What is more, the personnel has always been at my disposal for providing additional information and tips. And, last but not least, absolutely excellent ratio quality-price.”  C.G., private client

“I enjoyed Materica d_sign’s services for the refurbishment of the apartment in which I live in and for a simulation of an additional residential unit. Massimiliano Menegale is a spot-on, trusty person, and much important he works fully respecting the peculiar needs of his clients. Thanx to him for his willingness to help and patience, creativity and technique melt together in his works, to make the etherogeneal inputs the client gaves him come true. Quality-guarantee.”  A.S., private client

“Very accurate visualization, Materica d_sign stayed true to the projectual concept. Great attitude to team working, and maximum receptiveness to our requests. Timeline was respected with frequent email and general on-line interchange.”  DulcineArtD&I

“These modernistic home renders from  Materica D_sign cover a spectrum of design styles to inspire your own space, including country-chic cozy, open plan loft, and minimalist mansion.”  home-designing.com


2 responses to “What they say about us”

  1. James Haun says :

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!

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