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Render it black contest

render it black icon

Here’s our entry for DesignConnected contest called “render it black”. Read More…


Let’s have a beer! Here’s a Pub!


A project and visualization for a new pub. Read More…

Apartment renovation number 02!


Another interior renovation. Project by arch. Max Menegale of Materica Studio and geom. Max Berti. Read More…

Apartment renovation

RENDER 05_icon


Here’a an interior renovation we did on a project by arch. Enrico Puggioli of Studio A4+… Read More…

Minimalist Chapel


Here’s our proposal + render for a little chapel inside a hospital… Read More…

Country House

country villa_materica d_sign

country villa_materica d_sign

Here’s the visualizations for the exteriors of a project designed by Materica Studio and arch. Enrico Puggioli of Studio A4+. A country house in Italy, with traditional materials and textures, but with some twists to keep things fresh!  Read More…


materica studio_massimiliano max menegale

Desert House by materica studio_massimiliano max menegale

We just finished designing a contemporary house, deeply sinked into green, environment-friendly principles. It’s been designed to perform particularly well in very hot climates, such as Australia, Mexico, hotter part of the USA. We’ve called it, strangely enough,  “Desert House”. Read More…