Who we are

Materica d_sign is a collective of people working in the field of architectonic and design representation.

We are a young, motivated team who is interested in helping you get the best out of your projects visually.

We work only on small scale projects, because that’s what we do best: it allows us to concentrate on details and bring magic to your work.

Team leader for both Materica Studio (architectural/project firm) and Materica d_sign (our archviz department) is Massimiliano “max” Menegale, trained as an architect at the Venice University in Italy. max loves architecture, design, drawing, art, music and movies.

he started focusing on architectural visualization several years ago out of need. Aside from trying to get more job by providing also rendering services, he needed some skills on it to promote his own projects and competitions’ entries. Getting more and more into it made him want to become a better visualizer.

and most important,

Who YOU are

If you’re an architect, a designer, a person willing to see a photographic visualization of her/his  project for her/his own home or design product, and if you believe that archviz is a resource and an investment rather than a cost; if you want to work with friendly, passionate people willing to help you make your projects come to life, than we bet we’re gonna have fun!

The services we provide:

  • 2D drawings;
  • 3D models;
  • Interiors visualizations;
  • Exteriors visualizations;
  • Product visualizations;
  • Photorealistic renders;
  • Energy saving passive design, a.k.a. Critical Regionalism Architecture (as Materica Studio).

Materica d_sign has been featured in the homepages of preminent 3d websites, such as ronenbeckerman.com and evermotion.org. We’ve also been featured on such cool websites as home-designing.com, and our work as architects has been on archdaily.com and yankodesign.com.

If you’d like us to make an offer for a visualization for one of your projects, just drop us an email at maxmenegale@yahoo.it


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