… and now for something completely different!

concorso-uffici-04 icon

Here’s some hand sketched visualizations for an architectural contest we did some years ago… We draw the stuff by hand, then scanned it, and added colors and some cartoons drawn by the great Giorgio Cavazzano (dunno where we got them…) to give it some extra life…

We had to refurbish an industrial building, veeeeery big one, to create some new offices… We had ultra-tight deadlines so we went for a fulla hand-drawn representation… It turned out quite good, we also had all the plans drawn by hand and then colored on the PC.


We put a big, cantilevered room (bibliotheque) in the middle of the upper story. Made it a big, full of light box all embraced by glass.


On the exterior  we wanted to give shades all around the building, to decrease the need for energy-driven forms of climatization… Sunshades  made with fabric and also greenery and vegetation…




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