Proposal for Co-housing

prospetto acquatico_icon

We were recently asked to come up with a proposal for a co-housing project… Done with arch. Enrico Puggioli of Studio A4+…  The site was very interesting, just outside the city, beside a small water channel. We thought of small residential units that could be modern but with a traditional feel… Big openings on the water and on the surrounding environment, and some deep thoughts on sustainability of the design (passive ventilation, microclimate control, massive insulation and so on).

We were given just a week to come up with a projectual idea, some rough sketches of how we’d approach the design, and to make an economical offer for the design part, from concept to realized building.

prospetto acquatico

Unfurtunately, we didn’t get the commission, but we’d like to share a couple of sketches with you, as we believed in our line of thinking a lot. I personally love the SketchUp style hand drawn sketch up here 🙂

section 01

Longitudinal section

section 02

Cross section


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