Instant Karma


Here’s our project “Instant Karma”, inspired and named after John Lennon‘s masterpiece.

We did the project (for a modern barn that could be placed everywhere as a shelter in stunning environments) and also the visualization. More images and project synopsis in the full post!  

Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head […] 1

Humans are more and more often following, in the past decades, a path that is progressively taking them further and further faraway from Nature and from everything that she should represent for all of us.

Life in the cities, with its ever spinning rhythms, is taking away the attention to what is vital for all of us: a deep contact with environment, with greenery, with what is our ancestral past.

instant karma

The pleasure of laying flat on our backs in the grass, of drinking from our hands the water of a small mountain river, of eating a little ball of candid, soft snow, of looking at the sky and the clouds running over our heads, of losing ourselves in the infinity of a starry night…

We strongly believe that getting away from Nature brings to humans more and more stress, unhappiness, nervous behaviours, senses of void.

Remaining far away for what is a part of our soulish being for an extended period of time is, even in an inconsciuous way, a violence we’re doing to our truly inner self; he knows, even if we don’t, what makes him happy and a whole, and feeling in a peaceful state of being.

plan instant karma

roof instant karma

INSTANT KARMA is a shelter, an observatory linked back to the archetypical idea of shelter, a place sinked in nature; from its decks you can fullfill your eyes with environment, dawns and dusks, a place from where you can see the wind blowing in the tree tops.

It can be placed everywhere, in several different environments, in the middle of a wood, at the bottom of a valley. On the top-side of a mountain. It can easily be precast, built with wooden-based panels and structure, being this way fully re-usable and mantaining a low impact on our beloved environment. Energy-wise, the need for it will be rather low, due to the materials used, and to the thermal insulation use din rather high quantity. Cold weather will be faced with a wood-consuming heating system.

elevations instant karma

sections instant karma

Several external decks serve as observatories and contact-points with nature when weather is good enough for it. The entry zone, protected by a big, wide frame against weather, faces the living area, with big windows which will let enjoy nature staying inside the shelter when weather is too bad to stay outside. You’ll be totally immersed into nature and wildlife. A solar chimney will guarantee in the summer season passive ventilation, avoiding the need for active cooling systems.

An instant karma’s gonna get you.

[…] Who in the hell d’ you think you are […]

Sadly humans have lost sight on their limits and rights on this planet; they think they own it, and can constantly and with no restrictions take everything they want from it, breaking all natural laws and equilibriums.

In the name of economical politics and hunger for power humans stole everything that could come handy in reaching that insane target.

axonos instant karma

[…] Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun […]

When everybody will understand the value of co-habitate; the value of sharing instead of hiding for themselves; the value of nature, and of becoming one with it once again, then we’ll all shine one, like the moon and the stars and the sun, we’ll shine of a new light, a new awareness, a new entireness, as a whole with the wild environment we all come from, but from which we parted ways, rediscovering the value of the trail we come from, while departing from the highway we’re running into at the time.

1Instant Karma, by John Lennon
Also, here some older images we did a couple years ago… more matte painting, more moody…

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