Country-chic cozy interiors… Whatever that means!! :D

It’s been quite a while without any post, been very busy working on new stuff… Here’s one of the first outputs, a cozy, we-hope-warm-feeling interior… The building was designed by Sefim-coop, Materica d_sign did the interiors visualizations and setting…

Ok, so we wanted to give a nice warm feeling to it, considering it is a house that is gonna be located near the Adriatic sea, here in Italy… We thought about sand  and waves colors, and moved accordingly.

We put some nice countrylike furniture, and a super puffy sofa for extra relax 😀

Here’s a bigger, not cropped  image

Technique wise nothin’ major here, apart a quite massive use of vray dirt for giving the furniture a vintage, beaten up look. Several renderelements, most of them were redundant thoug, so we stick  to ambient occlusion and reflection.


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