Kami-gami watercolor treatment on hand drawn sketches

Here’s how our friends at kami-gami design studios (http://www.kami-gami.com) approached the visualization for a project by Materica Studio, named Instant Karma. It’s a prefabricated wooden shelter that can be built and put everywhere there’s a need for a shelter in the nature, be it a National Park, an emergency site or else.

The project features a solar chimney that improves the passive ventilation of the shelter, and also big terraces looking in different directions to make the nature-immersion experience even more memorable. The main terrace has an additional roof to create a protected space right outside the living room.

instant karma watercolour 02

The visualization proposed here is one of the services we provide to our clients, realized in close collaboration with kami-gami. It is possible to have also different “traditional” techniques, besides watercolour. Just ask us for a technique, we’ll pass the request to kami-gami, and they’ll give us the estimate for the work. We’ll then pass the information back to you, without any additional cost or commission.

instant karma watercolour

Instant Karma is the project we used in our “In the mood” post. Gonna post a full feature on it soon , so please check back often if you feel like 😉


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