Did Caravaggio love whales?

caravaggio inspired interior

We did the architecture and the visualization for this interior… Here’s a living room and a corridor, with interesting light gamesSo, as we said, project by Materica Studio e archviz by Materica d_sign

We were asked to give some strong, dark color on one of the walls of the living room… We wanted to give balance to the whole by neutralizing all the other elements… We painted the corridor white (it has a nice big window at its end so we had the opportunity to mimic some stunning Caravaggio painting and give the place a new, scenografic look), and also painted a frame in white inside the whale blue wall.

caravaggio italy interior

We put a nice, washed out, pretty rustic wooden floor and some very clean, neutral furniture to complete the picture. We love the contrast between the two rooms: dark one with white, contemporary furniture and light one with “classic” elements like the little table, the mirror, the kerosene lamp.

Rendering-wise, we used different vray elements to have full and fast control over reflections and colors. The white frame on the whale blue wall was done with unvrapping of the surface and painting it separately. The white, dry, wooden branches were done with polilines, displacing the points in the three dimensions, giving a radius to them for render, twisted and tapered the group, turbosmoothed it.

Featured on evermotion.org’s homepage on 26.06.2012. A big thank you to all the people at evermotion for such an honour.


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