Modern Living

A project by Studio A4+’s Enrico Puggioli, a refurbishment of a private house.

He re-designed the living space by creating a screen including a fireplace and the technological stuff, such as tv, dvd player etc. Bending the opposite parts gave a modern, futuristic style to it.

modern living italy

We were asked to do the visualization for it, and in this case it was important to let the client fully understand the proposal… Often it’s a matter of having the possibility to show your aces only once before you “burn out” the idea, so the client has to see the full picture of the project without doubts or misunderstandings.

Rendering wise, we used our now standard IBL method, and we explored curtains creation a bit more than in our previous projects: the image looked a bit too harsh without them. We used our “classy interiors” carpet, made with vray fur and a lenght map we created from scratch for our older project. Postproduction was used just to enhance contrast and a very subtle color correction.


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