In the mood!

Here’s one of the feature we offer to our clients: they can select the mood they want to comunicate with their project… Be it a golden dawn, a hazy morning, noon, late afternoon, cloudy day, dusk or evening…

The project is one of our own, by Materica Studio’s arch. Max Menegale, a shelter in the nature.

Here’s the full size image, sporting the different hours of day in clean blue sky and overcast mode also.



2 responses to “In the mood!”

  1. Ronen Bekerman says :

    Nice idea… although showing too much to a client could backfire on you 😉 I usually like the ones with dramatic clouds like third from left (clients usually don’t ;))

    • matericadsign says :

      Hi Ronen, I think you’re perfectly right about problems with backfire 🙂 I think I should add that the client is gonna know that everything extra comes with an extra cost 😀
      Our field here in Italy is sinking due to the economical crisis, so we’re trying harder and harder to keep things flowing by giving somethnig extra… Veeeery hard situation 🙂

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