Stay grounded: interiors reloaded

Ferrara renders coi piedi per terra icon

Here’ s a project previuosly featured on the blog and on several other sites on architecture: Stay Grounded. We’ve recently redone the interiors for it, aligning them to our current line of visualization.

We did some restyling, cleaning the framings of the windows by thinning them. We also did the “zen garden” alternate view of the inner garden, substituting grass and the seasonal tree with gravels and stones.

ferrara renders stay grounded 01

We still believe the solution with grass and tree is way more functional energy wise than this maybe more elegant one, but this one is just a proposal for a more nordic feel, and to leave the interiors as neutral as possible.

ferrara renders stay grounded 02

Technique wise, IBL method, materials are our usual stuff, readapted for this particular color scheme and sun position. Nothing major here, we worked quite a bit on the sofa material, and we think it turned out pretty good.

ferrara renders stay grounded 03


2 responses to “Stay grounded: interiors reloaded”

  1. Matilde Caires says :

    Where did you get the sofa?

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