RUE()JE Bookshelf Design by DulcineArtD&I

Here’s the visualization we did for a design competition promoted by furniture manufacturer Infiniti. Here’s the entry by DulcineArtD&I, a young design studio from Italy.

The object of the competition was the design of a furniture piece inspired by a movie. For DulcineArt’s entry it was “Moulin Rouge!” by   Baz Luhrmann.

The bookshelf symbolizes a can-can dance team, with the vertical partitions to be seen as their legs rising in the air. The black and red colors are inspired by the movie photography. The dress hangers for the dancers’ dresses are transformed in DulcineArt’s design into books’ holders, and they’ll swing to if you want them to!

The name Rue()je that was given to the project is a play on words with rouge, the french word for red. Rue means street, and is a metaphore of the path we choose to follow, while je is the french word for I. It symbolizes the persoanl choices, meaning “I’m gonna follow my own path and be myself”.


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