Residential units

Project by Studio A4+’s Enrico Puggioli in collaboration with Materica Studio’s Max Menegale, on a rough idea laid down by Sefim-coop’s Paolo Grazzi and his team.

Sefim-coop approached Studio A4+ to refine the project of several residential units to be built outside the italian city of Ferrara. We’ve drawn several different proposal for the external skins, and worked closely with them in developing the interior distribution.

ferrara rendering

Materica d_sign did some rough 3d models for it in the early stages; sadly we didn’t get the opportunity to do the full-on, high end renderings to the final approved project. We thought we’d use the old model (the final project is quite different from this version we’re uploading here) and do some nice view of it though.

ferrara rendering houses

IBL lighting here, some scattering for the grass and flowers, usual postprocessing for the final, moody look.

First image at the top was done with brute force and light cache, second and third with irradiance map… some difference in noise.

We would have loved to add extra greenery here and there, some more ¬†ivy too… Considering it was not done for final presentation purposes, we think it’s nice enough as that!

ferrara rendering houses


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