Fran Silvestre’s Atrium House hommage

Here’a a hommage to a young, talented spanish studio led by Fran Silvestre. The Atrium House is a masterpiece in pure volumes and minimalism, with big glass openings and classy materials.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is located in Valencia, Spain. Take a look at their work, it’s pretty outstanding!

Materica D_sign  started this as a personal studio on lighting and photography, trying to recreate as much as possible the feel of the numerous pictures of the project you can find over the net. We tried to capture in our render the sun and the feel for warmth the pictures gave us. We took some personal licenses on textures and materials but we tried to stay pretty close to the original 😉

As usual, our standard materials as far as marble, glass and windows glazing… IBL lighting, nothing too complicated, we just went for the mood.


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