Via Rambaldi 8

Via Rambaldi is a project for a refurbishment, counting a total of  8 residential apartments.

Project by arch. Enrico Puggioli of Studio A4+, with some help from arch. Massimiliano Menegale of Materica Studio,  mostly on definition of interiors.

The floorplans are rotating one over the other, leaving this way big space for big terraces to enjoy warm weather. Big windows were planned out to let a whole lot of light and air breathe into the homes. High performance insulation was considered for both glazed parts and walls. Insulation on the walls was also shaped with trapezoidal lines to create shadows and light contrast. This aspect is also inspired by italian sun and how things with different deepness interact with its lightrays.
To further underline the pureness of volumes, Puggioli opted for a white plaster finish, and also the metallic parts were done with shiny galvanized metal. The residential complex is now finished, and only minor changes were done to this initial project.

Tecnique-wise, at the time we didn’t use IBL methods, so it’s just a vray sun linked to an environment physical system, to let the sunlight perfectly match with the photo.

If you’re interested in seeing the finished complex, here’s a link to it:

Also, if you happen to live in Ferrara, Italy, and are interested in one of the apartments, here’s the dedicated site:

The website was done by our friends at Pronesis:


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