Residential Villa

Here’s a project by Materica Studio’ s Max Menegale, developed visually by Materica D_sign.

It’s a villa with a contemporary approach, with a little court on the backside. We did several versions of it, using all kind of materials for the wall on the right you see in the above image: wood, plaster, metal… This one looks the best in our opinion.

We love also the Zen garden, with pebbles and stone paths, how cool are those? 😀

Technique wise, it’s not completely up-to-date: The glass is our old shader, which we’ve since improved quite a bit. Also the steel framing isn’t the best we have by now, but at the time was our usual way to go.

It’s one of the first images we did with semi full-on IBL, but it was mixed with a vray sun to improve contrast. Was a time of experimentation 😀 By now we know several other (and more efficient) ways to do it.


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