III sides to every story

Here’s a project by Studio A4+’s arch. Enrico Puggioli, eng. Sergio Signani in collaboration with Materica Studio’s Max Menegale

The building has gonna have an office/directional destination, and we’d like to show once again the multiple approach we can have at Materica D_sign… Sketch, watercolor/painted sketch, and full-on render

Once again, the sketch was made at D_sign, while the coloring was again made by Kami-gami Design Studios (http://www.kami-gami.com).

The render is the usual stuff here at D_sign too, not much to say about lighting or materials.

The building has some very interesting sun-shading concept, and the louvers act both as a strong element in composition, and as an efficient controller to sun overheating in the warm season.

On the graphic side, some heavy postproduction here, to give an almost ethereal feel to the images. We washed them quite a bit. The lighting is IBL with a clear, washed out sky. TheĀ  raw renders were in the first place added a bit of contrast, then the images were de-saturated with a gradient map. That process in our minds gives the look and mood a more photographic quality.


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