Sketches madness pt. 03

To stay fit in the handdrawn field, we try to insert in our busy shedule some little time to develop our skills…

We focus on architectural subjects, tring to let all the details, the textures and the little things that make a drawing

breathe shine thru.

These are “Ginger and Fred” dancing building in Praha, and a couple traditional brick buildings in our little city in Italy.

Believe us, enhancing your drawing skills will greatly enhance your rendering skills. This is just because putting attention to details, to points of view, to textures is as vital in one as it is in the other. Plus, you’ll never know when you’ll stumble on a client who’s in love with traditional methods of representation, or when you’ll need to show an idea as quickly as possible.

The sketches, along with some more previously featured on our “sketches madness” series, were posted on, absolutely one of the best blog you can find on architectural visualization. Our biggest thanx to Ronen for considering us good enough to be featured there! Direct link  here!


One response to “Sketches madness pt. 03”

  1. Ronen Bekerman says :

    It was great to see some hand made sketches while visiting here… not that common to see these days, and sure did spark my interest in this again. Many thanks. Ronen 😉

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