Classy interior

Here’s a set of interiors, goin’ for a smooth, classy look.

Source of inpiration was Ditte Isager, the talented photographer who makes the best out of every single little object in her sets.

As usual, our love for white shines thru… But ain’t that greyish-blue wall lovely?

The project is from Sefim-coop (arch. Paolo Grazzi and his team), and Materica Studio and D_sign lent their hands for some proposal for the interior treatment, mostly colors,  materials and furniture… The initial definition of space was entirely by Sefim-coop. They were such good clients, leaving us the freedom to experiment a little bit on our own…


2 responses to “Classy interior”

  1. Costas says :

    very nice work!the only thing that just doesnt fit right are human beings in a cg world…:-)

    • matericadsign says :

      Hi Costas, thanx so much for your visit here! Yeah we try to leave our scenes as “humans’ free” as we can 😀 we just wanted to work a little bit on our photoshop skills, stilla lot of work to do 😀
      Thanx again for taking the time to tell us your opinion, it means a lot to us to have some feedback on our work! all the best max

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