Interior: waiting space outside office

Here’s a quick archviz we did a couple weeks ago.

The request was to re-create an interior from a photo. Again, we looked for a photographic effect more than fotorealism, and we think the mood is there!

We put much of our efforts into creating convincing materials, as the scene was pretty straightforward… the lighting is very simple so we got it right in something like 30 minutes, then we had some extra time to create the smooth concrete… the metal for the windows was a standard material we use in pretty much all of our renders, but with a little tweaking ’cause it didn’ t look as reflective as we wanted it to be… the frosty glass is another material we’ve done years ago, and we still keep on using it without major improvements… 😀  Carpet was done with very little vraydisplacement map (standard noise jpg).

As for the noise in the image: it’s due to our lighting method (IBL), but we like it that way, it gives that extra feel we constantlysearch for…


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